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How We Help Strata Managers

As a strata manager, you’ll be well aware that buildings need increasing maintenance as they age. What you might not realise is that a typical multi storey strata unit is one of the most problem-prone building types in Perth.

A real concern with many multi-level complexes is concrete cancer - corrosion of the steel reinforcement within a concrete structure. As many strata complexes were constructed in the 1970’s and utilise reinforced concrete for external balconies and staircases, these structures are prone to concrete cancer damage that only becomes more expensive to fix over time.

This and other common problems mean that an engineering assessment of a strata complex every five years is good practice, as it helps to identify problems at their initiation and before they have caused extensive damage that is costly to repair.

Building Condition Assessment

A building condition assessment is a general review of the condition of a complex, and can include carports, retaining walls and surrounding structures if requested. A building condition assessment is typically focused on identifying issues, and if major problems are found then a secondary more in-depth defect investigation may be required.

Defect Investigation

A defect investigation is focused on a specific defect or defects, which have been identified by the strata corporation or by a building condition assessment. Typical defects with strata complexes are concrete cancer, sagging roof framing, moisture ingress and cracking of walls.