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How We Help Builders

We understand that most builders rely on their design engineer to assist with construction queries and certifications, and we’re fine with that. If you’re looking for a truly independent review of construction or design issues though, we’re here to help.

We believe we provide outstanding value in areas like after-sales service - the calls you get a few years after handover complaining that cornices are pulling away from the walls, or that the house is cracking. This is where we can offer a fully independent review of the entire construction process (including the engineering design) to determine why the defect has occurred, how significant it is, and what can be done to remediate it.

Integrity Engineering takes pride in presenting professionally to your clients, in having the best testing equipment available on-site, and in undertaking site specific investigations that focus wholly on the problem at hand. We don’t squeeze your project to fit into one of our templates - every investigation, and every report, is customised to meet your needs. You also have the confidence that each investigation will be carried out to the same professional standard, and our reports likewise will be consistent in quality and content.

If you think we might be able to help you, or just want to discuss our services further, give us a call on 9258 9261.

Click on any of our services listed below for more details:

Construction Advice

On site construction often isn’t as straightforward and simple as it seems to the design engineer sitting in their climate controlled office, and it can pose challenges that stump even the most experienced builder. We’re not likely to have all the answers off the top of our head either, so what we do is meet you on site and work through design alternatives with the problem right there in front of us. That way we reach a solution that you’re confident you can build, and we’re confident is structurally adequate.

Construction Certifications

The ultimate quality of a home is determined by the quality of construction, and the best way to ensure that everything is as it should be is to have construction certifications undertaken during the building process. We recommend that the following construction certifications be undertaken:

  • Sand pad compaction / footing beam layout (prior to concrete pour)
  • Brickwork prior to roof frame being constructed
  • Second storey suspended slab prior to pouring concrete (if applicable)
  • Roof frame prior to installation of roof and ceiling claddings

These key inspection points allow us to check all of the major structural elements of the building, to ensure that they are in compliance with the Building Code of Australia and the engineering details.

Post-Construction Investigations & Reports

Everyone likes their clients to be happy because word of mouth is the most valuable advertising tool ever. We understand the importance of client satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on responding to post-construction issues in a highly professional manner.

Typical post-construction problems that we see often are cracking of masonry, cornice separation, sagging roofs and water ingress. We have the tools and experience required to accurately determine the cause of the problem, to identify whether it is a structural defect, and to provide an easily understood report outlining our findings and recommendations.

Renovations & Wall Removals

If you’re a smaller builder focusing on home renovations, you’re probably a little frustrated by the lack of attention you receive from your engineer. Most engineering firms are growth driven and always striving to win that next, bigger client - sometimes so much so that they forget about the little ones.

We’re here to make a difference. We’re small too, and we understand that every job and every client deserves the same high level of attention and professionalism. From a simple kitchen redesign to a complete home refurbishment, we can provide the engineering advice you need.

Dilapidation Inspections

Dilapidation inspections have an important role in any infill or greyfield development project. They provide an absolute reference point for the condition of structures surrounding a development site before you commence construction, allowing any later claims for damage by surrounding owners to be accurately assessed. These surveys can be invaluable to prevent future litigation and costly legal fees.

Our dilapidation surveys comprise a detailed photographic record of the external and internal condition of the buildings surveyed, with a written summary of defects noted and our assessment of the potential for damage due to construction activity. Where possible, we will also provide recommendations for minimising damage to surrounding structures, especially where they are vibration sensitive.

We do not offer video inspection services, as it has been our experience that even high-end professional camera equipment struggles to capture crack details adequately in low-light interior situations. Instead we have invested in quality still photographic equipment and off-camera flashes that ensure every detail is captured in high resolution detail.

The unaltered images below show the same interior scene taken using three different cameras. Hover over each thumbnail for a description of the camera, and click for a larger view.

Canon Ixus 750 (37mm zoom)Canon Ixus 860IS (24mm zoom)Lumix LX3 with Metz AF-1 flash (18mm zoom)

There are no second chances with a dilapidation survey - make sure they're done right first time, every time.

Building Disputes

If you’ve had the misfortune to find yourself in a building dispute with a sub-contractor, owner or other party, we can provide truly independent engineering advice and help you towards resolution.

We can’t guarantee that our findings will be in your favour, as all our investigations are undertaken impartially and objectively. What we can guarantee though is that we will give reasoned, professional advice that allows you to determine the correct course of action for your company.

Technical Seminars

We’re happy to run technical seminars regarding general building practice, the Building Code of Australia or any of the referenced Australian Standards - particularly the ‘deemed to comply’ standards like the Timber Framing Code.

If you’re looking at improving the knowledge of your supervisors, tradies and contractors via in-house training, give us a call to discuss how we can help you.