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24th October 2011

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1st October 2011

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Welcome to Integrity Engineering

Here at Integrity Engineering, we like to be a little bit different. Sure, we’re a consulting engineering firm and get all excited about plans and numbers – but more importantly, we get excited about helping you solve your building problems.

Whether you’re a builder working through a tricky construction issue, or a home owner wanting advice on how to stop your house from cracking – we can help. Maybe you’re a strata manager dealing with building deterioration, or an insurer needing advice on the cause of loss? Not a problem. Investigation, analysis and remediation of building defects is our specialty – plus we explain the issues and solutions in a way that you can understand.

Unlike most engineering firms whose focus is on building design, we work exclusively with buildings and homes during or after construction. This means we have the industry contacts, specialised testing equipment and broad structural remediation experience to help with your building problem. That’s experience you can build on.